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Chicago Writing Style Manual

Chicago Writing Style Manual

Chicago Writing Style Manual: The Essential Guide for Writers, Editors, and Publishers

The Chicago writing style guide has been setting the editorial standards since the early 1900's. It provides consistent, systematic rules for writers, editors, proofreaders, indexers, copywriters, and publishers.

With meticulous attention to usage -- in punctuation, documentation, foreign languages, indexes, design, and typography -- the book offers a reliable anchor of accuracy in a world chaotic with choices, variations, and egregious errors

The newest edition of the Chicago writing style manual is a great improvement on their last tome of excellence, with nearly 200 additional pages reflecting the significant changes in style, usage, procedure, and technology since their last effort in 1982. Reorganized and revised for greater accessibility, it's the final word for writers and editors who work with words.

Reviewer: Bjorn Viberg: "The Chicago Writing Style Manual is one of the better style books that are available for purchase. The book starts out with a well developed table of contents. The preface written by the managing editor, i.e., John Grossman is very well written and is not stuffy or overly pretentious which is nice.

"The first part of the stylebook talks about the art of bookmaking and everything that is involved in this art. Amongst these are the parts of the book, manuscript preparation and copyediting, proofs and rights of permission. The second section deals with rules regarding writing that incorporate punctuation, spelling and distinctive treatment of words, names and terms, numbers, foreign languages in type, quotations, illustrations, tables, mathematics in type, abbreviations, notes and bibliographies, author date citations and reference lists and last but not least indexes."

Reviewer: " The Chicago Manual of Style has always been a steady companion. It discusses every imaginable style question to the point of exhaustion and speaks with the authority of the nation's largest academic press and the country's most academically serious university. The University of Chicago Press is not burdened by the scholarly dubiousness that plagues the MLA, which happens to publish a competing style guide.

"This edition of the Manual of Style includes a number of improvements and additions. The Chicago manual has finally spoken on citing electronic publications, and even includes advice on assembling manuscripts for electronic journals. Flow charts in the back give broad overviews of the publishing process. The index seems easier to use than the index in the last edition, and the chapters are arranged more thoughtfully. Most striking upon first picking up the 15th edition is its stunning graphic design--not only is it beautiful, but it helps readability by highlighting examples and making sections easier to find. The manual includes some information on editing foreign-language publications. As always, the manual includes some very subtle humor in its sentence structure, verbiage, and choice of examples."

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