Writing a Cover Letter for a Resume

Tips on writing a cover letter for a resume

1) Proofread your letter and make sure you have corrected any spelling or typing errors. Do not skip this step. It's very important that your cover letter is error-free. If you need help with grammer and word usage see Strunk & White's Elements of Style

2) Address your letter personally to the individual who actually does the hiring. When you send your resume addressed "Personnel Department", yours is more likely to end up in a secondary pile that gets overlooked. It should be a simple matter to call the company or department ahead of time and ask for the name of the person who does the hiring. If there's any question of gender, learn if the person is male or female so you can address the letter correctly.

3) Compose the letter in your own natural writing style.

4) Research the company and its industry. You don't have to quote their annual sales. Simply find out enough about the company that distinguishes you from the job seeker who is mass mailing resumes to all companies.

5) Highlight or bold print the areas of your cover letter that apply specifically to the position for which you are applying. For instance, if the ad for the job requires 5 years experience as a systems analyst, print your years experience as an analyst in bold.

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