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Biography - Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine in 1947. He his first short story sale to a men's magazine shortly after graduation from the University. Carrie was published in spring of 1974. Shortly after, he wrote The Shining, set in Colorado.

The Kings purchased a home in Maine in 1975. There, he finished writing The Stand, much of which also is set in Boulder. The Dead Zone was also written in Bridgton. The author wrote and directed the movie Maximum Overdrive in 1985. Many of his works have been adapted for the screen including Carrie, The Dead Zone, and The Shining as well as several others. Read more about Stephen King and his ebooks

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Books by Stephen King

The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla - Roland Deschain and his ka-tet are bearing southeast through the forests of Mid-World.  Dreamcatcher - Once upon a time, in the haunted city of Derry, four boys stood together and did a brave thing.   Riding the Bullet  - A classic, a ghost story about a college student who hitchhikes across Maine. Hearts in Atlantis  - Everything's Eventual - Gunslinger Roland of Gilead is wounded and under the care of nurses with very dubious intentions. The Drawing of the Three - The Man in Black is dead, and Roland is about to be hurled into 20thcentury America. - Gunslinger, The: Dark Tower I - Set in a world of extraordinary circumstances, The Dark Tower series begins with Stephen King's most visionary feat of storytelling. - The Talisman - Jack has been chosen to make a journey back across America and into another realm.

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