422 Tax Deductions for Businesses & 
Self-Employed Individuals 

by Bernard Kamoroff, C.P.A

income tax deductionsTax deductions listed in your income tax booklet fail to include all the possible personal and business write-offs you could use to cut your taxes. 

"Packed with hundreds of incometax tips you and your accountant probably never heard of. This is a terrific book." -- Syndicated columnist Jane Applegate, Small Business

"From the author of the small business bible, Small Time Operator, here is a brilliantly useful book. I can't imagine any business person reading this well-written book and not saving money." -- Nolo Law News

The several hundred breaks listed are not loopholes or questionable areas of the law, but legitimate business write-offs that accountants often forget to ask their clients about or that the IRS, for obvious reasons that it will save you money, chooses not to mention on its information forms.

This complete resource guide is for all businesses, independent professionals and contractors, freelance workers, and home and Internet business owners.  Comes with an update sheet for 2003.

Small business owners pay a great deal out in quarterly estimated taxes. Wouldn't it be invaluable to find all the deductions you are entitled to, to get most of your hard earned money back

This incredible book written by a CPA who specializes in helping small business owners describes 422 types of deduction(s), makes them easy to understand and tells you what categories to place them in.

"This A to Z guide to hundreds of legitimate write-offs is like found money for businesses." -- Syndicated columnist Deborah Jacobs, Working Life

220 pages , 9" x 7"

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Author, Bernard Kamoroff, C.P.A. is also author of the very successful (over 600,000 copies sold) Small Time Operator: How to Start Your Own Small Business, Keep Your Books, Pay Your Taxes, and Stay out of Trouble!  

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