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freelance writing jobsFind freelance writing jobs and other information on work-for-hire at Freelance Work Exchange This site is operated by a professional freelancer who knows this field and shows you how to get freelancing writing jobs. Get a free report on the top producing freelance markets. 


One of the larger job search engines is HotJobs Here you can do a search for "freelance writing jobs" and a list of all the current openings appears. HotJobs allows you the ability to create an online resume and set up automatic job search agents. Regularly, you find featured companies telling you about themselves and their various openings like freelance writing jobs. 

Find freelance writing jobs at FlipDog job bank exchange. They list over 500,000 jobs from over 50,000 employers in over 3,000 locations. Get a big choice of opportunities daily. The difficulty is choosing which ones to apply for. FlipDog also offers job hunting advice and a newsletter.

Elance provides an auction like format for getting a vast range of freelance writing jobs. I found lots of projects listed where listers were seeking bids on freelance work. Also listed were the number of bids and the average dollar amount per bid. I was impressed by the large dollar amounts some project managers are bidding for services. 

Power Prose matches your work to the needs of publishers with freelance writing jobs. Fairly easy site to use. Limited to writers in the U.S..

RoseDog Writers submit articles on any topic and publishers looking for content can search the site's database of articles to fit their needs. Although not freelance writing jobs, you get a chance to get your articles published. 

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